Faraday Street Studio

Auckland 455 SQM 2016

Faraday Street Studio

Faraday Street Studio


Creation of Fearon Hay’s studio was undertaken as part of the reoccupation of 1940’s warehouses amongst the wool stores of St Georges Bay Rd. This is an open plan workspace with workstations and a communal pin-up surface. The space is a gabled loft strongly defined by the original timber frames.

Materials are drawn from, or selected to emphasise, the palette of the original building. A power floated poured concrete floor is a pale underlay for the darkened rough sawn timbers of the original frames and the stained rough sawn sarking added as part of this project.

The intention for this project can be summarised as the creation of a workplace that has the sense of a loft apartment – one that can feel social, allowing interaction between all members of the practice, and its clients, while providing a highly functional vessel for the development and delivery of the work.

Project Team –

Jeff Fearon

Tim Hay

Stephen de-Vrij

Michael Huh

Piers Kay

Matt Roberts

Photography –

Michelle Weir

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