Harbour Edge House – 1910 (reworked)

Auckland 400 sqm 2014

Harbour Edge House – 1910 (reworked)

Harbour Edge House – 1910 (reworked)


The existing villa, built c.1910, is one of Auckland’s early waterfront homes sited on the inner Waitemata Harbour.

A rework and extension of the original structure responds to the requirements of modern living and creates a direct connection to the park-like landholding and coastal outlook.

A new sky-lit kitchen is placed between the original structure and its new twin – the central space conceived as an internal courtyard between the new and the old. The new symmetry anchors the two wings and frames the harbour edge outlook.


Project Team

Jeff Fearon

Tim Hay

Doug Weir

Rachel Higgs

Chris Wood



Simon Wilson


Amelia Holmes

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