Rawhiti House

Bay of Islands 550 sqm 2000

Rawhiti House

Rawhiti House

The beachfront site slopes down from road to water, flattening before the beach. Two existing sheds sat at the base of the slope not far from high tide. These buildings had to be reused if this proximity to the water was to be maintained.

The design reinterprets the two existing buildings into ‘blanked out’ sheds and connects these with an open pavilion containing new stairs, service, kitchen, living and dining spaces. Two layers of sliding glass provide protection from prevailing wind from either orientation and permit flexibility of use in all conditions.






Project Team

Tim Hay

Jeff Fearon

Gordon Gallagher



Patrick Reynolds



Awards & Press

NZ H&E Home of the Year (2000)

NZIA Resene Regional Award - Residential (2000)

Houses for the 21st Century by Geoffrey London (2003)

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