Takapuna Beach House

Auckland 290 sqm 2013

Takapuna Beach House

Takapuna Beach House


Two crisp white rectangular volumes are set in a landscaped site in the middle of a beach suburb. This work is the result of a brief requiring a retreat in the city. A single form houses the downstairs living, eating and cooking with bedroom and additional living above. Additional sleeping spaces are in a separate structure – the two forms relating to each other across a grassed courtyard. The language is comprised of rough sawn boards and expanded aluminium mesh screens, all unified in a monochromatic white palette. Retractable glazing within the line of the screens creates open living and sleeping verandas for enjoyment of the summer months.

Project Team –

Jeff Fearon

Tim Hay

Stephen de-Vrij

Chris Wood

Photography –

Simon Wilson

Styling –

Amelia Holmes

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