Wintergarden at the Northern Club

The membership of the Northern Club held a design competition by invitation in 2004 for a new structure to provide spaces for hosting formal dinners, lectures, weddings and events.

Fearon Hay’s winning scheme was selected in February 2005.

The scheme proposed a series of interior spaces and courtyards lightly enclosed with glazed and screened layers to complement the ivy-covered masonry of the existing heritage-listed Clubhouse.

A gated courtyard is set beside the Club’s principal address on Princes Street. The latticed gates present a veiled building mass to the street while providing a courtyard for entry for vehicles and pedestrians. The Princes Street Dining room is set behind this courtyard and overlooks the public street through appropriately discreet layers of screening.

The main interior space is fully glazed for both roof and wall enclosures. The glazing is also screened by operable louvres, controlling access of light and protection from the heat of the sun.

A further courtyard sits between the new space and the old, overlooking the city and anchored by a large open fire.

Project Details: The internal floor area is approximately 375m2 and construction was completed in 2009. Fearon Hay’s project team was led by Gordon Gallagher with Robin Geiselhardt. Tim Hay and Jeff Fearon are the design architects. Photography is by Patrick Reynolds.

Recognition: Finalist for a World Architecture Award (WAF 2009) Winner of the Designer’s Institute ‘Stringer Award’ (2009) Winner of Metro Magazine Best Private Building (2008) Highly commended in AR+D Emerging Architects Awards held by the UK’s Architecural Review.