Westmere House

The site is a long narrow ribbon: its topography starts with a flat transition to the street and then descends 15m to sea level.

The concept was to arrange a sequence of interior and exterior spaces along the length of the site, but to consciously avoid a 'blinkered' effect common to a narrow site facing out to a sea view.

Exterior and interior spaces alternate to encourage permeability of the space along the extended length of the site.

Spatial composition is simple solid and void, however complexity is introduced to the spaces through movement across the plan and through the three-level section.

Project Details: The internal floor area is approximately 600m2 and construction was completed in mid-2006. Fearon Hay’s project team was led by Gordon Gallagher with Robin Gieselhardt. Tim Hay and Jeff Fearon are the design architects. Photography is by Patrick Reynolds.